We are Hot Peppermint, the artist community. We believe that art has no form and is expressed in a multitude of ways. We are defenders of digital art and believe that it fits naturally in our time. Although this has been recognized for a number of years, we believe that it still needs to be known more.

Hot Peppermint is also a service to artists who want to acquire tools to make themselves known, show their art and make it accessible to the general public. The main goal is to launch the artists on the success and support them in their efforts by helping them in their project.

In addition to being a digital guardian, Hot Peppermint offers the exclusive printing service to artists on quality papers and with optimal material to get the slightest detail and accuracy of colors and shades. With this expertise, artists can take full advantage of a complementary service to their work and focus on what matters most, that is, creation!